Routing overview

Introduction to UNL Routing#

UNL offers full stack routing services, ranging from standard A-B routing, extending to multiple point routing, calculation of distance matrix between a set of origin - destination pairs, analysing drivable area from a target points using time and distance contraints and route optimisation services. The services are designed with multitude of restriction parameters to support use case specific configurations.

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UNL Routing APIs use geohash as a default representation of the point on the map. All the endpoints accept and return points in geohash format. The conversion from geohash to coordinates operation can be done by using UNL core library. It can be downloaded and imported into javascript projects by using npm which is a package manager for javascript applications. All the installations processes and further information are available on npm: unl-core . There is a guide to easily set up into individual projects.

Preliminary Steps#

You need to Sign-up to UNL studio before accessing our services. Please refer the the Getting Started Guide to follow the steps of onboarding to UNL Studio.