Embedding your UNL location

Are you a business trying to direct people to your universally named location? Or inviting friends over to your mysterious uncle's secluded summer cabin in the woods? Do mapping providers not give you the directions you expect, or worse, the dreaded dashed line?

To improve the final routing, you can use our Last-mile routing to define the final steps of the journey, and have this reflected in any future routes to this location.

To share your custom route, you can send a link to the location, or embed a map in your website referencing this location and directing users there.

Now you can easily embed a map with your location into your website. The Directions button will bring the user to UNL and deliver any last-mile routes to your address. That way, your friends or customers will always be able to find you

Check it out in action here! ๐Ÿ˜„#