Authentication & API Keys

Access to UNL API endpoints requires a valid API Key, which will connect API requests to your account. You need supply a valid access token by using the apikey query parameter in every request.

Generate a Project & API key#

Login or create an account from the UNL map

Next, visit, or visit through the map

Scroll to Developer account and click Start now

From your account page, choose Developer, create & name your project. From the projects view, create and manage API keys.

If you have trouble with this process or any questions, please Contact Us:

Making requests#


via API request header apikey

const axios = require('axios')
await axios.get(`${URL}`, {
headers: {
'apikey': 'myunlapikey'

or as a query parameter

const axios = require('axios')
await axios.get(`${URL}?apikey=myunlapikey`);